Washington Square Park April 2014: The Latest

First, the Park in Bloom:

Colin Huggins, pianist & park regular

Park House Comfort Station Admin Building – What’s New:

The building was unveiled at long last earlier this month. The glass on top (between these wood slats) has not yet been installed (note: if it has, I missed it! will check again or report back to me.).

Reports abound about the closing time of the bathrooms being earlier than the stated 7 p.m. (in fact, on Saturday, I saw the building being shut at 6:37 p.m. – hours are supposed to be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.), as well as plumbing issues, staff being locked out, and lack of toilet paper. (Note: we don’t need any private organizations to swoop in here, we just need proper oversight of the park.)

Seating along the building’s northern side (I didn’t notice this before if it was there, it’s a nice touch):


The Villager reported this week that it was the Parks Department that wants the NYPD *in* the new building despite Washington Square Park Administrator Sarah Neilson dodging questions about this last month stating this was just in the “conversations” stage.

It’s been said that this door in the middle of the building on the northern side that leads to where the NYPD will (may?) *be* (and possibly the rumored “holding” – jail – cells)?

Currently that trailer “command center” still sits along Washington Sq South:

Police horses on Wash Sq South Saturday:

Rat “Control” and Garbage at the Park

I understand the desire for rat “control” but I notice since Sarah Neilson appeared (and also the Conservancy ladies), the number of these type “stations” scattered throughout the park is quite large. (Despite the fact that the ladies aren’t supposed to be involved with these type matters, said they never would be, why do I think they are…?) They are “snap-traps” which sounds particularly gruesome, not that rodenticide is so great, and they are now labeled (see below). The number I was told is 27 around the park and they seem to be *everywhere*.

Isn’t this a little bit of, um, ‘overkill?’ Especially because monitoring garbage is really the key (I’ve written about this numerous times before.).

… particularly when you assess the garbage situation (which is always the real route to minimizing the “rat” “population”)…


And, as far as the trees at the park, curious how those trees that line the Fountain are doing (the ones that have repeatedly died) as well as how the 300+ year old “Hangman’s Elm” is faring in the NW Quadrant …

Of course, there is more on the Conservancy and the push to roll it back coming this week.

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Photos: Cathryn

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1 thought on “Washington Square Park April 2014: The Latest”

  1. Back when I used to run around the park I noticed the restrooms were usually closed by 4:30 pm so if there’re now open till 6:30 that’s an improvement. Still, for such a popular park that’s open till midnight that’s probably still not late enough.

    On the brighter side, maybe NYPD will finally remove that ‘unsightly’ trailer so runners who choose use the street to aboid crowds on the sidewalk won’t be forced out into moving traffic.


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