As Washington Square “Hot Dog” Vendors are Saved, 40 Year Old Village Mainstay Gray’s Papaya Shutters

Gray’s Papaya No More

Hot dogs are on everyone’s radar in the Village, Eater broke the news yesterday about Gray’s Papaya on West 8th Street and Sixth Avenue closing. They followed up on the story today:

PapayaGate ! via Eater: A look Back at the Legacy of Gray’s Papaya

And now just revealed what is coming:

The new tenant in the Sixth Avenue space that housed Gray’s Papayauntil yesterday will be Liquiteria, the trendy juice bar beloved by celebrities and your fitness-obsessed co-worker. In other words, a cheap-o restaurant that peddled sugary juice drinks and salty dogs for three decades will be replaced by a shiny health food shop that sells pricey liquified kale and wheatgrass.

From a press release sent out by Liquiteria this afternoon: “Liquiteria’s new West Village location, at the iconic corner of 8th Street and 6th Avenue, is the former location of legendary Gray’s Papaya. Liquiteria is excited to create a health and wellness oasis on this vibrant corner in the dynamic West Village neighborhood.”Blech.

In other news, there was additional press on the hot dog vendors being reinstalled at Washington Sq Park recently:

New York PostHot Dog! Vendors back at Washington Sq. Park January 5, 2014

New York Mag GrubstreetWashington Square Park Hot-Dog Vendors Are Here to Stay January 2, 2014

EaterWashington Square Park Will Keep Its Hot Dog Carts January 2, 2014

Photo: Robert Sietsema

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5 thoughts on “As Washington Square “Hot Dog” Vendors are Saved, 40 Year Old Village Mainstay Gray’s Papaya Shutters”

  1. Very true, GV Reader. That whole corner will be ‘transformed’ with Liquiteria and TD Bank across the way. And Bubble Tea next door (who did sweetly write in here at one point asking for tips but it’s a franchise, hard to imagine they can really make it too “unique”).

    Hard to imagine Liquiteria can swing that rent but we’ll see…

    I know, Patti! We get used to a lot of changes but never would have imagined this one!!


  2. This really sucks. I’ve been going there since the 80’s and now that I have been living in the village for the past 14 years continued to go there. I don’t recognize my neighborhood anymore and it saddens me.

  3. Hi Michael,

    I know – this one really was really surprising and depressing. It’s amazing how much a neighborhood can change… businesses that survived dozens of years couldn’t survive Bloomberg.

    Thanks for commenting.



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