Documents Added Re: Washington Sq Park Private Conservancy | Included: Bill de Blasio As Public Advocate Cites “Concerns” over “Insufficient Transparency, Community Involvement” in Letter to Parks Department Plus 501(c)3 Docs, More

I’ve added some new documents to the Documents page relating to Washington Square Park Conservancy which highlight additional information never revealed to the public, and “concerns” Bill de Blasio had as Public Advocate about “transparency and community involvement” in the “creation” of the private conservancy.

Documents added:

1) the Washington Square Park Conservancy 501c3 Documentation which includes a boat load of information never revealed to the public.

2) a Letter Bill de Blasio as Public Advocate sent to Manhattan Borough Parks Commissioner Bill Castro (a key figure in the Conservancy’s hidden agenda) on August 7th, 2013.

3) Bill Castro finally responded on December 5, 2013 – 4 months later (I guess the sticky fact that de Blasio was moving into the Mayor’s office prompted a response after the then-Public Advocate’s office asked a few times for the agency’s response).

4) Castro included the Conflicts of Interest Board’s letter to Veronica White “clearing” Sarah Neilson as holding a dual role as Washington Square Park Administrator and Washington Square Park Conservancy Executive Director. Neilson was “cleared” two days prior to Community Board 2’s full Board vote and yet she had begun using her Conservancy “Executive Director” title on March 11th, the day she started in this position and months before coming before Community Board 2’s Parks Committee in early June for “approval.”

Upcoming: I’ll do an analysis of Manhattan Parks Commissioner Castro’s response to then Public Advocate Bill de Blasio tomorrow this week. 

VIEW THE DOCUMENTS HERE: What was Known Yet Concealed in Public Statements by Washington Square Park Conservancy Founders

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