The Things You Might See at Washington Square Park (Photos)

Just strolling through…

At times, there is “free conversation” with people lounging on sofas by the Arch …

Or four men giving free advice near the Fountain …

Then you might get a little closer to the Arch and the price goes up: ADVICE 25 ¢! (in smaller print: “Ask Anything”).

There were four people (the other three mostly hidden) on bright orange Home Depot-emblazoned chairs holding similar signs.

Then at night,  you see things like this… (the “For Sale!!” — possible?):

And this… the Full Moon a few nights ago — the big illuminated circle to the right of the Arch.

Private Conservancy Watch Continues — Part III will run tomorrow Friday.

Click here for Part I and Part II of latest series outlining omissions and mistruths presented to the public prior to Community Board 2 vote to approve or reject a Conservancy at Washington Square Park.

Photos: Cathryn

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