“How are you Doing?:” Parsons Project Comes to Washington Square Park to Register New Yorker’s Emotions & Stories

How are you doing?

Susan, one of the project creators
Spectators and participants

Three Parsons MFA students came to Washington Square Park yesterday to complete a project as part of the Design and Tech program. They hung glass jars from twine on the branches of this lovely old tree at the park. The jars had words on them such as: “stressed,” “angry,” “confused,” “empty,” “loved,” etc. They encouraged people to write out on a piece of paper a description of what they were feeling and place it in the appropriate jar. They also recorded other people reading these letters and in some cases short stories. At some point, they will archive what they collected on a web site or on YouTube.

Dylan, one of the project organizers, said they had set this up recently at Astor Place but then “They [city?] tore the tree down.” He said, “It was a small park that no one used and our goal was to make people go into it.” (It sounds like maybe it was this spot?)

Apparently, they’d been in Washington Square for about an hour and a half when the PEP (Park Enforcement Patrol) officer came over and told them they’d have to take it down. (Oh, yes. There are PEP officers again at the park. That’s in my update forthcoming from last week’s Community Board 2 Parks Committee meeting.)

And here is what the Mounds look like now — At least, the squirrels are enjoying them behind the fences:

Photos: Cathryn

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3 thoughts on ““How are you Doing?:” Parsons Project Comes to Washington Square Park to Register New Yorker’s Emotions & Stories”

  1. Oh, sad about the birches at Astor!
    Also, I am surprised that the students were told to halt their project. I think you are not allowed to post on or hang anything from a tree but their project seemed very temporary. Was a reason provided?

  2. Georgia,

    It is SO sad re: the birches at Astor! Can’t believe these things are done.

    I think park staff saw things hanging from trees and stuck to the rule. Yes, definitely temporary. I don’t know what reason was provided. Probably just “You can’t do that. Take it down.” ?



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