Weekend Washington Square: Laughter in the Park, Fountain, Jazz, Pigeon Appreciation & More

Christian Finnegan and Alexander Holley Statue – Laughter in the Park

Comedy Central “Chappelle Show” signage
These two young men in background used this tree branch as a seat

Gelotto is back!

Playground has ‘new’ gate?
Rock guy with guitar sort of on his own (it was hot under the Arch)
Lifts by the Arch

Man in ring? Near Holley Statue

Sunday’s show “Laughter in the Park” at Washington Square was packed! It’s a comedy show that moves around to parks in the city during the summer. This last performer, Christian Finnegan, pictured at top, was pretty funny. It was somehow part of Comedy Central’s “The Chappelle Show,” and, as you may know, Dave Chappelle has a connection to WSP. (A note to people who present events at the Park…. I entered by the Arch and there was signage for this event directing me to Holley Plaza. When I saw how crowded it was, I had to check it out. Clearly, they have a wide network that they reached out to. It was impressive.)

I rarely walk along Washington Sq North perimeter. I have no idea when a new entrance gate arrived at the large playground – illustrated in photo above – but it’s nice.

Then, there were the young boys and the pigeons. Well, really, all the people and the pigeons were amazing. But go back three photos up. The young boy on the left in the foreground in the black t-shirt started out by running through the flock of pigeons which does irks me because I think children should be informed not to run after them …but I just watched to see what would happen when he saw these birds had fans at the park. Once he stopped running, he couldn’t help but notice all the people congregating and appreciating the pigeons on the benches. So, first, his friend or brother – the boy in green with glasses – joined in and let a pigeon jump on his arm. The younger boy didn’t necessarily want – at first – to also have a pigeon on his arm but you could tell he was interested and intrigued. In the second photo, the boy in green has a black pigeon on his shoulder. By the time boy #2 left, he wanted one to jump on his arm too and he was sort of mesmerized by it all. It was very sweet. You can see it in his face. If we could all learn to co-exist with animals and wildlife, it would so wonderful.

Photos: Cathryn (taken with cell phone camera. I accidentally left my proper camera behind!)

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Washington Square: Laughter in the Park, Fountain, Jazz, Pigeon Appreciation & More”

  1. Laugh in the park… Ha, ha, ha, lol… Where have all the squirrels gone? Eaten by hawks, hungry chess players, nasty parks dept goons?

  2. Hi Awake,

    squirrels are still there tho’ threatened by the # of hawks for sure.

    What is the children’s aid society building? I’m not aware of that…?




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