Stumptown Coffee’s Highly Anticipated Cafe at West 8th Street and MacDougal is Open!

It seems like it happened quietly but Portland’s Stumptown Coffee’s highly anticipated second NYC location on West 8th Street at MacDougal is now open! The location at 30 West 8th Street was formerly home to Versailles, a flashy women’s clothing store (which moved to Brooklyn).

As to how Stumptown began such a ‘thing’ in NYC, here is some background on how the coffee makers became such a hit in Portland and how we are now getting to experience some of that at the new location at West 8th:

Stumptown became synonymous with coffee in Portland, OR in part because of their engaging and comfortable cafe spaces, helping to foster a cafe culture that is now fully ingrained in the rhythms of that city. But in New York, while the Ace Hotel and its attached Stumptown espresso bar have certainly become a center for a hip clientele, the long lines and detached lobby seating space don’t quite fully capture the accessible, product-focused Stumptown vibe that many native Pacific Northwesterners – myself included – so closely associate with the brand.

At 30 West 8th, Stumptown has created a more intimate, engaging experience. The main cafe space is two to three times the size of the Ace, which allows for a larger more efficient bar, a row of seating, a communal table, and an expanded, more easily accessible retail selectionAttached to this space by a small hallway is a separate brew bar; modeled on the Stumptown Annex space in Portland, it’s a smaller space where you can go to learn more about the coffees Stumptown offers and try any of them on a variety of different brew methods.

The cafe has treats as well, including options from local bakeries.

It will be interesting to see what this will mean for the strip which may finally be on its way to revitalization (after a long time struggling).

Photos: Cathryn

p.s. I posted this earlier Friday and then it seems to have disappeared. I have no idea why that happened but I may have made an error so here is the reposting.

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4 thoughts on “Stumptown Coffee’s Highly Anticipated Cafe at West 8th Street and MacDougal is Open!”

  1. Hi Loretta,

    Hmm… that’s curious because it would seem a space that would not be difficult to make it so (either a slope at the front entrance or ramp from the side). I’ll look again when I walk by next but I’m sure you are accurate. Thanks for commenting.


    • I understand that, but as a wheelchair user I just felt that when an article is done on a new business it helps if accessabiltiy is mentioned. Just to let us know if it is an option.


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