4 thoughts on “The Fountain is On!”

  1. Cathryn, would you believe, this old lady came up to me the other day (I’m the psychic/wizard of washington square) and asked when they were going to turn the fountain on. I said I didn’t know, and just at that moment, the fountain went on! Just a typical occurence in the psychic life of washington square! Ha, ha – come by and pick a card sometime.

  2. My favorite park psychic story is when I was reading a 17-year-old guy who wanted to leave home, but couldn’t until he turned 18. At the end of his reading, he got The Sun card (his birthday) and I said, “You’re turning 18 and you’re leaving home.” And I swear, the second I turned over the card, the band started playing Alice Cooper’s “I’m Eighteen!”


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