Washington Square Fountain To Be Turned On Soon! — Maybe This Week (With or Without the Previously Vanished Side Plumes is Unknown)


Scene at the Fountain Today

The Fountain should be on soon… possibly this week! At the Community Board 2 Parks Committee Meeting earlier this month, District Manager Ralph Musolino projected “mid May.” It’s been a little chilly and I’m not sure if that’s a factor but it should be turned on soon. At least by the end of the month.

The larger question… when is it turned on, will it appear with side jets (plumes) … like this…

Or not… like this…

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A note: the previous fountain lasted for 80 years… maybe it should have been left in its previous location (where it had been since 1870). Just a thought.

Photo 1 & 3: Cathryn

Photo 2: Scott Steinbaugh


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