Happy Holidays | Blog Break

Squirrel Atop Construction Fence WS South

I’m going to take a blogging break until the New Year to focus on some other writing. You can read new posts at my other site, Cathryn’s World.

Don’t forget to give your favorite bloggers a virtual hug for the holidays! We (I think I can speak for most bloggers) really do love to hear from you. Blogging can be a bit solitary – a comment, compliment, even criticism are welcome.

There are 979 posts in the blog archives so click around. There is a lot to read here!

Up Close (What is he holding?)

If you have never seen the “Merry Mounds” video shot at Washington Square to the tune of Karen Carpenter’s “Sleigh Ride,” and maybe are looking for some holiday spirit, check it out here.

Happy Holidays & New Year!


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2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays | Blog Break”

  1. Thanks, Georgia! I appreciate you checking in regularly. I will check out the latest on your blog as well. Happy Holidays & best wishes in the New Year to you.



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