Who is in charge? Except for the Now Lit Up Arch, Lights at WSP Remain Off Well Past Sundown (Updated)

Arch is now lit while area around it …

Updated — So, I reported on Sunday about the fact that Washington Square Park, landmark New York City park, is enveloped in darkness once the sun goes down. I honestly did not think it would last too much longer but, as of last night(Thursday), the thread of darkness continued throughout the almost 10 acre public space. Well, except for one notable updateThe Arch is now brilliantly lit up from every angle — after the arrival of the holiday tree — which I imagine had something to do with the Washington Square Association. How is it possible that no one has noticed (and corrected) the lack of lighting in the remainder of the park?

More photos:

Lights out (NYU buildings lit in background)
Oh dear Garibaldi…

A note: poor Garibaldi has never been lit well since the redesign of the park. But now he is behind barricades and totally swathed in darkness.

The Arch and tree are framed by light
The Arch is also lit from under neath
Brilliantly lit Arch
Between this sign and the Arch, park is unlit

Curiouser and curiouser. The former Administrator of the park, Rebecca Ferguson, who departed in August, read this blog. Clearly, no one at the Parks Department now does. Who exactly is in charge?

The sun sets right now at 4:29 p.m. It’s not totally dark at that time but is shortly thereafter. These photos were taken between 5:15 and 6 p.m. approximately. The lights within the park begin coming on, stagnated, after that time.

A further note: It’s true that the city’s Parks Department is seriously underfunded but I wonder about this going undetected for so long.

Update 12/1! I wrote to the Parks Department to alert them of the problem and was informed by Parks employee Ralph Musolino that the lighting is now regulated properly as of last night.

Photos: Cathryn

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2 thoughts on “Who is in charge? Except for the Now Lit Up Arch, Lights at WSP Remain Off Well Past Sundown (Updated)”

  1. I was walking my little black dog in the park recently and he was nearly run over by a jogger who, probably, didn’t see him in the dark. If the lights don’t come back on soon I may have to outfit him with blinkies.

  2. Hi Stacy, Oh geez! It could be dangerous for sure. I’ve seen people riding bicycles, skate boarding, all in the dark. I hadn’t even thought about dogs (tho’ I wondered about the dog run). Outfitting him with blinkies tho’, that is hysterical! Might be worth doing!



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