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NY State Assemblyman: Bloomberg A Colossal Failure; He Should Resign Voz Iz Neias (What’s News)

Where FEMA Fell Short, Occupy Sandy was There  New York Times

Central Park Loses Over 250 Trees in Storm – Infrastructure Damaged Gothamist

How A Staten Island Community Became a DeathTrap – New York Times (Heartwrenching, Very Well Done Recounting)

At Twilight With Sudden Surge of Power, An Alternate Downtown Universe Flickers Out Photo Essay of Storm Aftermath in the Village, Capital NY 

Occupy Sandy web site — Ways and Where to Volunteer

Occupy Sandy Feeds FEMA

And for something different… Meg Ryan at the Park Recently

Yes, celebrities from time to time walk through Washington Square (and film here) but not many have such a connection to Washington Square Park as Meg Ryan.

I happened to see Meg Ryan walking through WSP right before it was shut for the storm! She was in the midst of a an animated conversation with a friend walking down the NW pathway.

Here’s a link to the scene from “When Harry Met Sally” – which stars Ryan and Billy Crystal – when Harry drops Sally off in front of the Arch (1989). (Actually, I think Sally drops Harry off!)

Photo #1: Image by Nsumi Collective
Photo #2: Occupy Sandy

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