First Snow!

Pathway, NorthEast

Last year it only snowed once in NYC and I missed it. The park is magnificent in the snow, so, for that reason alone, I hope we have (at least) another one. And the park was closed through this snow storm’s beginnings yesterday. It opened early this morning as they were clearing the pathways (or else people moved the barricades? Apparently parks are now to be closed until Friday, per the Mayor). This shot below came via Twitter as it began.

As it fell yesterday …
Snowy Benches This Morning
I like the contrast of the greenery and the white of the snow
This morning closed off – sort of

There’s a man on a chair reading a book under the Arch (you can’t quite make him out). This was maybe 9 a.m.? Not sure what he was doing, other than reading but he came with his own chair.

The snow disappears so quickly in NYC — by day’s end, there are few reminders that it was here.

Photo # 2: Mi-Kyung Kim
Rest: Cathryn

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