The Commercialization of Earth Day

A piece I wrote for Earth Day (it’s the 42nd today) after visiting the Earth Day Fair at Grand Central Station and reflecting on the day; at my other blog, the B-girl Guide:

The Commercialization of Earth Day: “Saving” The Environment; What We Can Do About It

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2 thoughts on “The Commercialization of Earth Day”

  1. I would be wary of some of Mayor Bloomberg’s plans. When he talks about converting trash to energy…HEY: HE MEANS INCINERATORS! And I am SURE that they won’t put one next to any of HIS homes! In many poor areas of the city we fought long and hard over many years to shut down these dirty, disease-producing incinerators. We can’t bring them back in the guise of a new “cleaner” version! Just as these is no “clean coal” plant, there is no “clean” incinerator. Just because it creates energy in the process does not mean that it is good for you..or for the environment!


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