"Do The Light Thing/Occupy Chanukah" Event Lit Up Fountain Plaza Tuesday

Light Sculpture 2010 Event

The New Schul held “Do the Light Thing in Washington Square Park,” an annual event to celebrate Chanukah, on Tuesday 12/20. This year it also had the theme “Occupy Chanukah.” Chanukah is the “festival of lights” so the “progressive synagogue,” located on West 10th Street, set out to “create a public Light Sculpture in the heart of Greenwich Village” in order to “send a message of hope and peace to our community and the world.”

The event’s Yelp page stated people would:

Dance to the music of Litvakus, sing some Chanukah songs, keep warm with a cup of steaming hot chocolate and taste tradition with a delicious potato latke.

Nice! As far as “occupying,” “occupy” has traditionally (well, at least, since September 17th) meant that you are taking something over in the attempt to change it in some way. I suppose they were “Occupying Chanukah” that night at WSP to bring attention to the message of meaning and community and in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. The creation of the Light Sculpture happens annually so it’ll light up the Fountain Plaza again next year.

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  1. I’d like to share with you “The OCCUPY Hanukkah Song”

    A parody to Adam Sandler’s “The Hanukkah Song” – Inspired by The Occupy Movement – YOU AND ME – the 99%, and the Cover story of The Jewish Journal by Jonah Lowenfeld (Dec 1-22 volume 26 number 42 Kislev, 5772) titled, “The Book Of Maccabees, Occupied” – BEEN THERE, DONE THAT – Jonah Lowenfeld reveals the hidden parallels between the Chanukah story and today’s protests.


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