The Washington Square Christmas Tree 2011 Lit!

The Washington Square tree lighting ceremony took place last Wednesday amidst the rainstorm. The lights now come on daily from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. You can take part in caroling by the Arch Christmas Eve December 24th at 5 p.m.

p.s. A neighbor noted the “crime scene” tape alongside the tree.

At times it seems like things are a bit off, doesn’t it?

Maybe that’s a good thing tho’ — particularly if otherwise you end up with Credit Suisse coordinating tree lighting volunteers a la Madison Square Park or a huge holiday market taking up a vast section of the park as is the case at Union Square. Maybe we should be thankful for small flaws.

Photos: Cathryn

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2 thoughts on “The Washington Square Christmas Tree 2011 Lit!”

  1. Hi TOM,

    This is true. You are not the first person to note this to me … it does look a bit bare. I’ve wanted to check out some other trees (Madison Square) for comparison out of curiosity. I guess they are going for a minimalist look. šŸ™‚



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