Washington Square Park Redesign Phase II-B/Chess Plaza Finally Sees Some Action * Completion by Month's End?

Updated — Work began again on Phase II-B / Chess Plaza last week! We’ll see if it keeps going and will get to completion by month’s end (previous completion dates for this section have been: Fall 2010/December 2010/Spring 2011/ Memorial Day/end of Summer/end of September – last official date given).

Looking South...
Lawn Installed
West Side
Grass Awaiting Installation Weekend
Chess Plaza Almost Complete

See an overview, dissatisfaction with oversight on the project, and last WSP Blog post on Phase II delays here.

Note: I don’t know what to make of these strange little plants/shrubs in the middle of the Chess Plaza (photo is dark – hard to see). You might recall the Chess Plaza area used to be an open unobstructed space. They made this area smaller (stating it was “un-utilized” I believe was the term from the Parks Commissioner) and broke up the flow of the area with these “flower” beds in the center. Since so much of the redesign is about “symmetry,” of course, Chess Plaza had to have a flower bed in its center but I think it would have been better served without one.

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