Opera Under the Arch!

Quite the sight to see – and sounds to hear – Opera singers under the Arch!

Tuesday late afternoon, as I was making my way through the Park under the Arch, I encountered Roxanna Christina Walitzki (right) and Katie Kat (left). They are both opera singers and graduate students at NYU Steinhardt. They have been  ‘busking” for years but Katie told me that busking in New York City makes performing opera on the stage – almost – seem easy. The two songs I heard them sing were first a duet “The Cat Duet” by Rossini and Katie Kat sang alone “Deh, Vieni” from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro. They tried performing in various locations throughout the park but ultimately determined that the acoustics within the Arch, made it, as Katie Kat stated, “the spot to sing.”

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2 thoughts on “Opera Under the Arch!”

  1. I just wanted to give you a THANK YOU! for your coverage of our opera endeavors! and I wanted to give you an update. Opera Under the Arch will be a weekly event through the fall while the weather is nice. We’ll be choosing a day this week. (We’re also investing in a better sound system!)We’ve developed a mission as well. Did you know that an opera singer has to PAY a fee to submit their resume!? It’s standard procedure. I believe we are the only profession that has to pay to apply for a job. We are trying to raise some awareness in hopes that the art form will change for the better.
    Again, thank you.
    Hope to see you again soon.
    -Katie Kat

  2. Hi Katie Kat,

    You are most welcome ! & thanks for the update. If you find out when the next time(s) will be, certainly let me know. Love your mission. I had no idea re: payment to submit resume for opera singer. Raising awareness and changing art form for the better are very good goals!

    best of luck to you and Roxanna Christina! See you again soon!



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