IntenSati Fitness Flash Mob Hits Washington Square Early Friday Morning

DNAInfo has the story and video — Flash Mob Brings Fitness Moves to Washington Square Park:

Searing heat failed to halt a flashmob of fitness fanatics from gathering in Washington Square Park Friday(7/22).

With temperatures already close to 90 degrees, more than 50 dancers streamed into the park at 8:30 a.m. for the impromptu intenSati cardio workout.

“I am the change I want to see!” the group chanted, as part of a sequence that was a mixture of aerobics, spoken affirmations and meditation.

“It sucks you in. The positive affirmations are great,” said Shanna Fried, 33, a personal trainer who began taking intenSati two weeks ago at Equinox Gym.

“It’s a great workout…and Patricia is very inspirational,” Fried said of intenSati creator Patricia Moreno.

Participants at the Park were encouraged to jump in.

“I have no idea what this is, but nothing surprises me anymore,” laughed [Ivo] Entchev, a Canadian native who came to New York eight months ago. “It was like power yoga.”

“On some level, I wanted to get up and join them, but I didn’t because the moves are too complicated.”

He plans to Google the practice to learn more, but he still said he’d never stand up and join.

“I’d be embarrassed,” he said. “It’s a lot of girls and they’re more coordinated.”

Here is intenSati Website.

Classes are offered at Equinox at 97 Greenwich Avenue (at West 12th).

A little bit of history: This location (97 Greenwich Avenue) formerly housed the Art Greenwich Twin movie theater from 1936/early 1940’s to June 2000; soon after it was demolished to become an Equinox. Flaming Pablum has a photo of the theater’s former marquee. (I could not locate a photo of the old building. Anyone have one?)

Photos of IntenSati Flash Mob: Meredith Hoffman/DNAInfo

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