Neighborhood Red-Tailed Hawks Pip and Violet Look out on Washington Square

Pip and Violet

Pip, baby hawk born to Washington Square hawks Bobby and Violet, was named by New York Times readers where the City Room Blog has been meticulously tracking the hawks’ progress from a video cam of the nest set on the ledge of NYU’s Bobst Library. There’s video at the Urban Hawks blog of Pip and Violet with Pip wandering close to the edge of the ledge. Pip is now pretty big (this picture doesn’t quite show it).

Photo: D. Bruce Yolton

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5 thoughts on “Neighborhood Red-Tailed Hawks Pip and Violet Look out on Washington Square”

  1. Absolutely love this site. It has been so educational for or us and our grandchildren and a good friends 7 year old son. We are watching it faithfully day and evening and enjoying it thoroughly.
    Going offline is such a disappointment. Keep running as soon as possible.

  2. I live two thousand miles away, but since April,upon reading of the nest and its location (NYT), I’ve been a faithful (if not addicted) observer:

    Sad, when it looked like all the eggs were duds,
    Overjoyed to actually see Pip emerge,
    Scared about poisoned rodent-food,
    Concerned about Violet’s swollen foot,
    Worried out of my mind to see the empty nest , but used to that now.

    Excited to discover this blog, and to see the frontal fotos–thanks to all who posted them. I’ve turned some friends and family on to this experience. I’m already feeling prepared for Pip’s readiness to fly around and about….yet another empty nest experience.

    I’m looking forward to reading more hawk family reports in this blog, as well as
    all the other community news.

  3. Thanks, Deena, for checking in from two thousand miles away! It will be pretty wild to see Pip flying about and through the park. I’m going to post a new photo of Pip tomorrow. She/he should be flying quite soon I think? Quite a character and getting so big!

    Thanks for commenting and reading my blog!


  4. According to what I learned (starting as a complete ignoramus, ornithologically speaking) flight can/should occur following the 42nd day. That suggests around or about next Friday… Makes me want to fly up there and camp out in
    W.S Park… But will have to rely on the web cam and your interesting and informative blog. I am grateful for both.

  5. Thank you, Deena! This is good info. I haven’t forgotten about Pip! Just got sidetracked a little. I hear you re: wanting to be here. Come join us! šŸ™‚ Thanks for your well informed comments & stopping by. More on Pip, Bobby & Violet to come.



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