From the In Box: "It's 'Official': WSP belongs to NYU"

This screen shot was attached to an email WSP Blog received with NYU located smack in the midst of Washington Square Park!

Of course, we pretty much know NYU considers Washington Square Park their property. Despite how uninvolved they attempt to appear with the park’s tumultuous redesign plan and the fact that they gave a meager $1 million towards the plan, the ties remain. NYU President John Sexton was pret-ty quick to head over to City Hall to defend Mike Bloomberg and advocate for his third term (even if his testimony was beyond perplexing). Of course he was! Mayor Mike’s been quite good to NYU as they gobble up neighborhoods east and west! As far as the University is concerned, Washington Square Park is part of their campus (note use of WSP Arch in almost all their advertising – even if it’s just a sliver, it’s there!). Even so, this is a bit much.

What do you think? A bit curious, eh?

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