"The Vanishing City" to screen Tuesday, Jan. 12th at Judson Memorial Church, 7 p.m.

“The Vanishing City,” a documentary by Fiore DeRosa and Jen Senko, will screen Tuesday, January 12th, 7 p.m. at Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South at Thompson Street.

The Vanishing City exposes the real politic behind the alarming disappearance of New York’s beloved neighborhoods, the truth about its finance-dominated economy, and the myth of “inevitable change.” Artfully documented through interviews with – and testimony by – tenants, city planners, business owners, scholars, and politicians, the film takes a look at the city’s “luxury” policies and high-end development, the power role of the elite, and accusations of corruption surrounding land use and rezoning. The film also links NYC trends to other global cities where multinational corporations continue to victimize the middle and working classes.

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5 thoughts on “"The Vanishing City" to screen Tuesday, Jan. 12th at Judson Memorial Church, 7 p.m.”

  1. Very interesting, and a topic that befuddles and concerns me. I am hoping this movie would shed some light.
    I assume the screening is open to public?
    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Hi Juicer,

    You’re welcome.

    Yes, this is open to the public!

    Let me know what you think of the film (definitely a topic of concern and befuddling).


  3. P.S. Made it to the screening. A good show of people, and an active Q&A session afterward.
    I liked the movie, esp for the awareness it is creating through its work. Clearly many people in the audience learned more about the prevailing issue, including me.
    Something that I had not prepared myself for, was the fact that this movie reflects only the views of people who are against the new zoning and development policies. Hence, I came back feeling a bit like I was just handed an agenda from a like minded group. It was not an objective documentary, and did not offer an unbiased approach to both sides of the issue. But that’s a fault with my expectations. Now, I am incredibly interested in understanding the what and whys of the current policies in place, from the proponents themselves.
    All in all, a very informative film for those who do not know much about how the City Planning policies are affecting many residents now. The many real life stories of people getting evicted from their long standing homes were simply heart wrenching.
    The Vanishing City team has applied to enter the movie into the Tribeca Film Festival. Waiting to see if they make it to the final list.

  4. Hi Juicer, Thanks so much for the update. At the last minute, I wasn’t able to make it.

    V. cool that the VC folks entered the film in the Tribeca Film Festival.

    Interesting to hear your feedback. You’re right… it would be informative to hear what the other side (the pro rezoning and hyper development side) offers as to the where’s and why’s of the changes (and their take on the impact of them). I guess many of us are just so tired of them and don’t believe good has come from them but … you are right, it would be of value to hear what they would say (and to push for an answer).

    Stay in touch!



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