Unearths NYC Blogs throughout the Five Boroughs

In response to the Sunday New York Times‘ City Section article, nicely compiled a list of NYC blogs throughout the Five Boroughs!

It’s a good way to test out my theory about the lack of Manhattan true neighborhood blogs (Brooklyn is overflowing with them!) – although I’ve been alerted to a number in the East Village and Harlem which sort of makes sense, right? If you were going to pick two Manhattan neighborhoods with a bit of edge, you’d probably pick those two. I will have to do my own informal surveying of the rest.

It’s unclear if Idealist considers Roosevelt Island its own borough…? Isn’t it part of Manhattan? And c’mon… Staten Island … one blog? There must be more to say there!

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4 thoughts on “ Unearths NYC Blogs throughout the Five Boroughs”

  1. I wanted to say “thank you” for the incredibly valuable work you are doing to educate New Yorkers and people who love and care about Manhattan with your excellent material you bring to your blog. It is much appreciated.

    I live in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and as many people do, I have a deep love for the City of Manhattan. I have spent a lot of time in the very area of Washington Square that you are working so dilligetly and with such passion to save from ruinous city dictated re-design. I hold so many wondrous memories that I carry with me of Washington Square Park in the past 20-years of profoundly meaningful visits to the city and to have read about the history of Washington Square Park through your offerings here and in articles I have read, continues to mean a great deal to me and builds my emotions about how sad I am about the coming changes. I still hope that the new plans of renovation can be halted. People’s voices, especially those who are integral to the city, residents like you and so many supporters of your cause, should count far more than they do. I am so grateful that you are helping to educate so many people about such important historical perspectives on the park, what has taken place historically, the deep meaning behind the area, and what a central role Washington Square Park has played in the Village’s history. It’s a tragedy that such beautiful history can be wiped out. I still hold hope somehow “sanity” will prevail at City Hall in Manhattan.

    I wanted to express my appreciation for your work and I can see how much superb dedication you put into this.

    Good on you!!

    Kind regards,


  2. Thank you, Christine. That was much appreciated. And writing from Vancouver… a city that *really* knows how to provide quality-of-life! (At least last time I was there… 10 years ago.)

    Hey, Eric from Roosevelt Island 360… Yeah, right? Maybe Idealist knows something (forthcoming?) the rest of us don’t?

    Thanks for stopping by.

    WSP Blog.


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