Central Park's Wild Turkey Hanging Out at Corner of 59th and 6th

Wild Turkey off Central Park running path
Wild Turkey off Central Park running path

Apparently Central Park, which spans from 59th to 110th Streets and covers 840 acres, is getting a bit boring for a wild turkey that took up residence there. The turkey was spotted yesterday outside the confines of the park at the corner of 59th Street and 6th Avenue. NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe — who unfortunately has not always been on the up & up to date around redesign details of Washington Square Park and other public space issues, typically leaning toward reducing, corporatizing and privatizing public space — does seem to appreciate wildlife. Commissioner Benepe told the New York Times he spotted the turkey in the rain. He said, “I saw the wild turkey on the corner of 59th and Sixth Avenue, right in front of the statue of Simon Bolivar, just completely out in the open by itself, as if its a pigeon, except it’s five times bigger.”

Read the Times’ story here.

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