Event-Walking Tour * Washington Square Park: Past, Present and Future – A Guide to New York City's Redesign of a Perfect Public Space. Saturday, June 28th

A Guide to New York City’s Redesign of a Perfect Public Space
Saturday, June 28th, 12 noon

(Raindate Saturday, July 12th, 12 noon)

Meet Up at Washington Square Arch, Washington Square North @ Fifth Avenue ; $5

Washington Square Park Blog and Washington Square Community Improvement District (CID) present a walking tour: “Washington Square Park Past, Present, and Future: A Guide to New York City’s Redesign of a Perfect Public Space” on Saturday, June 28th at 12 noon.

Community Improvement Districts(CID) are a new model organizing to protect, preserve and promote the well being of our community. The needs of people are our primary concern, distinguishing us from the better known and financed groups referred to as Business Improvement Districts(BIDS), whose sole interest is promoting better business and an environment conducive to shopping. At Washington Square Park, the neighborhood BIDS, along with NYU, the Tisch Family, and Mayor Bloomberg have played a role in a redesign plan that is destroying the very heart of Washington Square Park.

This will be a unique Walking Tour of Washington Square Park Past, Present and Future. It will include a Guide to New York City government’s redesign of Washington Square Park – a controversial project that will alter the historic nature and structure of this successful public space. Pushed through with a non-transparent process by the New York City Parks Department, the redesign of this park is largely unwelcome by the community and was done without listening to community input.

The tour will also include history of the Park (Past) and what’s being done right now(Present).

Trains: A,B,C,D,E,F to West 4th Street/Washington Square

More about Community Improvement Districts (CID) here.

What are New York City’s plans? Click here.

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