Watering the Dirt at Union Square Park Construction Site — All in a Day's Work?

Jessica Alfieri writes:

“The project at Union Square … I’ll call it not merely inefficient, but wildly so.

But now, it seems all they do is dig stuff up, patch it back over, dig more stuff up, and move the dirt around the site. Not one place or another permanently, but back and forth. Dirt needs to be here, dirt needs to be there. And then sometimes they’ll load up a truck with dirt and send it away. Not all the dirt, mind you, just the right amount. Other times, they’ll order another truck back to the site, hauling different dirt, and add it to the growing, moving-target piles.

The kind of half-assed planning I’m looking at wouldn’t fly in the corporate world, so why should it suffice when taxpayers are funding it? (Oh, right, we’re only funding half of it, after anonymous donations.)**

What’s irking me today is the constant waste. Everyday, this guy’s morning job is to water the dirt.

And then we all watch as that precious summer water evaporates in the hot sun. I understand why they wouldn’t want to work in a dust bowl, but is it really necessary to Wet the dirt, only to see it Not Wet five minutes later?

Hey, I have an idea. Maybe it wouldn’t be so dusty if they stopped moving it around.”


Jessica writes about her observations on random life things on her blog, amidst watching the construction at Union Square Park, and sometimes reporting on that. She’s been a great source for documenting the very tragic tree destruction from her window across from the park.

**I haven’t written about the anonymous donation ($7 Million!) towards the restaurant at Union Square Park in awhile and it’s been fairly quiet overall. More about that here.

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