Recycled Entry: First Washington Sq Park Blog Post – The Magical Park

Originally Published February 26th, ’08.

Someone referred to Washington Square Park as “magical.” It took me awhile to see that. Certainly, I’d been to Washington Square Park over the years. I’d sat and listened to music or watched strange happenings within the fountain. I’d marveled at the almost laid back ’60’s bohemian feeling it retained which co-existed amongst college students, chess players, old-timers, newbies, dog walkers, families, tourists. Every type person coexists and intermingles within Washington Square Park.

My renewed interest in the Park — in relation to the massive changes and radical overhaul the City has planned for it — occurred late last year out of concern for the cutting down of the trees and what that would mean for the wildlife in the Park. I then realized what was going to be ‘taken away’ by these mysterious, suddenly “necessary” changes — changes that would affect the whole essence of the Park — the things that make it work… those inexplicable factors which make it such a special place for so many people. To want to change that seemed to me an extension of the long arm of gentrification and homogenization of our city(by our current Mayor, Mayor Bloomberg).

Then, it became even more important to oppose these changes. This is my attempt to document what I’ve learned in a short time and share that information.


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4 thoughts on “Recycled Entry: First Washington Sq Park Blog Post – The Magical Park”

  1. Researching a trip into nyc from L.I. and though I have visited nyc many times before I have pondered visiting this park since I haven’t anytime prior.
    After reading your post above, do you still recommend this park worth a visit?
    Any ideas regarding a visit here would be appreciated. The entry street? Are there street performers as I have heard? Best locations for pics?
    Anything,,,,any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    It’s not the same going to Washington Square Park without being able to sit by or walk by the fountain and through the central plaza but it is still worth going to! It’s quite sweet with the nice weather, people still performing, etc. Almost every letter subway (A,B,C,D,E,F) gets to subway stop West 4th Street/Washington Square Park. I hope you get to visit.


  3. And it is safe right? 🙂 I mean I was all set to go and then read all these other posts on other sites regarding the construction and such etc. Many stated drug transactions going on? Myself, my husband, nothing will phase us. Hell, we are New Yorkers and adults but may have kids with us. Looking for them to get that non -tourist section of New York feel and the street performers was something I wanted them to see. if I was arriving by taxi down there,,,what street(‘s) would I tell the driver? Your recommendations? And hey,,, thanks!

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Whatever you are envisioning, if people are talking somewhere about drug transactions, it’s nothing like that.

    It’s fine. You will be “safe” there. (It’s a city — you watch your surroundings, etc.)

    Washington Square Park has one of the nicest environments you will find where people gather.

    The taxi driver will know where to go but if for some bizarre reason they don’t they can travel down Fifth Avenue towards the Village to Washington Square.

    Let us know what your experience is like. have fun.



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