Talk about the Park – Film Makers @ Washington Sq Pk This Weekend

I got a notice from some film makers from Ithaca, NY who are working on a documentary about street performers in NYC, focusing on Washington Square Park and incorporating issues around the “renovation.”

They would like to interview Park users this weekend, Saturday, March 29th and Sunday, March 30th.

Here is a description of their project:

Small Scale Productions, from Ithaca College, is in production on a 15-minute documentary pilot that will look into the lives of buskers/street performers in New York City, and the issues they face everyday (with the Park being the most recent obstacle). We hope to bring attention to the Park and to these individuals who are so vital to the culture of New York City. We are looking to interview those who are well aware with what has been going on with the reconstruction of the park. We are also looking to talk with buskers as well as community members who have been affected by the park’s remodeling. If interested, please call (315)481-1146 or write : info -at-

And they provided me this with this great definition of a “busker:”

A busker is someone who performs live on the streets or in parks/public places with objectives of entertaining people while at the same time trying to solicit donations. These people are also known as street performers. Busking is an English term that was coined in reference to the chimney sweeps who would perform on the streets after cleaning chimneys and pass out their large top-hats to try and collect tips.

Love that! Please contact them.

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3 thoughts on “Talk about the Park – Film Makers @ Washington Sq Pk This Weekend”

  1. We would like to talk with anyone and everyone about the Park. Call me at (315)481-1146. We will be down in the Park this Saturday and Sunday.

    We will also be back down the weekend of April 12th and 13th.

    – Chris

    (315) 481-1146

  2. I am not a buskar, but I am a dachshund owner, and twice a year the NY Dachshund Friendship club holds a celebration of all things dachshund.
    This spring we will meet at 12 noon at the park on April 26.
    The highlight of the event (besides 200-300 dachshunds) is the annual singing of the “dachsong”.
    Please come! It is very much a fun, silly, and totally NYC event.

    Karen Koziol
    PS see websites for dachshund friendship club
    and dachsong. KK

  3. Thanks Karen for this information and coming by the site.

    Well, that’s a new one… It sounds like a “fun, silly, and totally NYC event,” you’re right!

    thanks for letting us know. Will definitely try to stop by.



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