Take Flight: Balloon Protest @ Washington Sq Park Thurs March 13th

In the Inbox, we got news of an action NYU students are putting together for THIS Thursday, March 13th, inviting EVERYONE across the city to come by and express your thoughts & concerns about the City’s “renovation” of Washington Square Park.

This is an all day event —
Thursday, March 13th * 12 noon to 8 p.m.

Come out and show your support for the Park and this creative action. See what is actually going on at this beloved Park, shut down behind gates and amidst bulldozers.

From the organizers:

“Do you have an opinion about the destruction and redesign of Washington Square Park? think it’s a tragedy? an outrage? a great idea? Come express that opinion in a quick but effective way.

This Thursday, March 13th, Washington Square Park is going to be filled with more than a thousand multi-colored helium balloons, each bearing the opinion of a Village resident, visitor or student about the destruction and redesign of the park.

Participants are given a balloon, asked to write their thoughts about the changes to WSP on the balloon, then carry it into the park, tie it to something and leave it.

At 8pm, a group of organizers and volunteers will sweep through the park popping all the balloons and removing them, leaving nothing behind.

Come by on Thursday and speak your mind, make a statement, show the Parks Department that this space is our space and that we have something to say. The powers that be have been playing deaf to the voice of the public. We aim to see if they’ll play blind as well.

We’re calling the event: ‘The Washington Square Park Blow Job.’ ”


Clever, eh?

Two locations to pick up a balloon:

North-east side of the Park: 11 University Place between East 8th Street & Waverly (trains: N,R to 8th Street/NYU)

South-west side of the Park: Southwest corner/Washington Square So. near MacDougal (trains: A,B,C,D,E,F to W. 4th Street)

Have some time to volunteer?

Contact: andrewbutler at nyu.edu


**environmental note: no sea turtles or wildlife will be harmed by this action. Tie your balloon tightly to the post — don’t let it go!

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