The Lost Village Film

Find “The Lost Village” at NYC International Film Festival April 4th

The Lost Village Film
Recognize the faces in foreground of the Arch on this poster for film “The Lost Village”? To the left is local activist and Community Board 2 Member Sharon Woolums and to the right is New York University professor, author and media critic Mark Crispin Miller with NYU grad student Ziad Dallal in the middle.

“The Lost Village” is a new film screening for the first time on Tuesday, April 4th at The New York City International Film Festival. The film’s focus is a topic near and dear to those who live in and visit (and also write about) Greenwich Village and New York City at large:

Once a haven for the proverbial starving artist who brought creativity as their currency, the Village is now a hang out for cover bands and Wall Street hipsters hopelessly aspiring to recreate something that is lost. We encounter testimony of NYU students turning to prostitution to pay NYU’s very high tuition. Some want NYU to be an educational institution rather than a Landlord.

We find “Mom and Pop Shops” in trouble. Their closures have changed the culture and character of our Village. High rents and no regulations cause over 1,000 small businesses to leave New York City every month.

Can the Village be saved? Or is Greenwich Village lost forever?

Screening Location and Time:

Tuesday, April 4th, 8 p.m.
New York City International Film Festival
The Producers Club
358 West 44th Street, Manhattan

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here.

Visit “The Lost Village” Facebook page.

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4 thoughts on “Find “The Lost Village” at NYC International Film Festival April 4th”

  1. We closed our store, Beau Geste, in the early 90’s and rent was one of the factors. The other pronlem was the beginning of chopping up the Village into smaller, newer areas, SoHo was the beginning and a lot of the West Village lost out off town shoppers. Our regular customers were always loyal. Still miss the store but hardly recognize my neighborhood.

  2. I’m sorry about your store closing. It is a difficult situation for sure. And very complex as you point out. Our film, THE LOST VILLAGE, shows the complex nature of our society and how our culture and lives have changed. The question is do you want it to change in the manner it is changing? Why is it changing?
    And what can you do about it? We talk about that in our film.
    Roger Paradiso

  3. Hi Terri, thanks for sharing your experience and I am sorry your store had to close… so many huge changes… I am sure you miss it.

    Thanks, Roger, for your film and discussion over what to do about this conundrum at this point …

    There is more certainly to be done… but somehow the other * side * is winning and so much culture and special aspects of the neighborhood(s) lost.

    We just have to keep trying… film, blogs, reporting, speaking out … matter.



    • Hi Cathryn
      It takes all of us working for a fair and equitable society. Doing what we can.
      Thanks for your nice comments on the film. THE LOST VILLAGE is playing at the historic Jefferson Market Library on June 5 at 7P. Admission is free.

      Hope to see you there.

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