Washington Square Weekend: French Film, Juvenile Hawk Spotting, Piano in the Park, Linden Tree (Still) Not Faring Well

A little overview of happenings at the park, pictures from Friday night (French film! the next one “French Cancan” this coming Friday the 21st 8:30 p.m.) and Sunday.

An hour before…
Setting up…
Film underway
“For example, what do you want right now?” Arch & Empire State Bldng in background
Young hawk Eastern end eating a (sigh) poor pigeon
Colin Huggins, piano, the fountain
Unfortunate Linden tree
Another view Linden tree
Barren branches at right

This is around the time the Linden trees have the most fantastic smell. The Linden tree at the park is near the Garibaldi statue along the path east of the Fountain where it splits off heading south, but, as half of its branches are dead, there is not much scent. I wonder if it will survive. The inadequate protection of the trees during park’s five years of construction has not – as many predicted – helped them to survive and thrive.

Note: fountain still erratic, shutting on and off.

Photos: Cathryn

Previously at WSP Blog: Washington Square Linden Tree in Full Bloom Eastern Quadrant (originally posted June 20, 2011, reposted June 12, 2012)

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