Mr. William Shakespeares Menu, 176 MacDougal Street (Circa 1987)

Mr. William Shakespeares Menu, 176 MacDougal Street (Circa 1987)

So this seems to be the menu from the later incarnation of restaurant Shakespeare’s at 176 MacDougal Street (more recently home to Hong Wah Laundromat, which, after a mysterious fire, never reopened). Still, it’s fun to see the “Luncheon Fare.” This is from 1987 (I believe it closed early ’90s) and was discovered courtesy of a commenter who found it via the New York Public Library menu archives. (Who knew?)

From previous post in March, More on 176 MacDougal & Shakespeare’s Restaurant of Yore – Part I, with info from reader Ellyn:

I was very interested to see your post on 176 MacDougal Street, that lovely little gem of a building. I thought you might enjoy seeing the attached photos of two friends and me in front of Shakespeare’s in August 1975. We were on our way into or out of Shakespeare’s — I can’t tell which. While I do remember a good time was had by all, I actually can’t remember much about the restaurant except that it was a nice comfortable place to relax with friends. I believe at one time they served British fare such as shepherd’s pie, but I think they may have become a burger place later. It’s possible they changed hands soon after this picture was taken as I don’t remember going back much. What I can tell you is that there was some connection to the actor Ralph Waite who played John Boy’s father on the TV series “The Waltons.” It’s possible his brother, Donald, managed it and maybe Ralph owned it?

There above is the shepherd’s pie, and also burgers, on this menu!

P.S. My overdue report back on the C.B. 2 meeting addressing the WSP Conservancy coming later today Sunday soon, hopefully Monday (there are a lot of notes!)!

History of the building at 176 MacDougal Street and info on the Hong Wah laundromat fire: 176 MacDougal Street has Fire; Hong Wah Laundromat Closed – Will it Reopen? | Some History, March 8, 2013