Please Don’t Put Lighter Fluid in the Fountain No Matter What Your Position on Masks is

“Anti-Maskers” Light Fountain on Fire (Updated)

A small group of protesters gathered at the Washington Square Park fountain on Sunday, November 22nd to protest the wearing of masks amidst the coronavirus pandemic. They went so far as to burn the masks igniting them with lighter fluid in its elevated center. One young man tried to stop them by stomping out the fires and the main instigator at the ‘protest’ – who an activist friend wrote, “Guy looks, dresses and acts like an undercover cop” – kept reigniting the fire.

Who would think to pour lighter fluid INTO the fountain? Please don’t.

One commenter, rya, wrote: “How many are ‘protesters’? It looks like it’s 90% media with some kook burning a pile of surgical masks.”

See this video of the aforementioned incident here at Instagram: Video of the mask burning in the fountain.

Meanwhile, the NYPD, who have been ‘guarding’ the Arch since June and were just steps away from this, did not intervene.

Image/Video: Brendan Gutenschwager on Twitter

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2 thoughts on “Please Don’t Put Lighter Fluid in the Fountain No Matter What Your Position on Masks is”

  1. I suppose these non-mask wearing Covidiots also don’t wash their hands, don’t maintain distance from others, don’t get vaccines, and believe the world is flat. Yet they expect to be taken care of by medical professionals at great personal risk and expense to the health care system if and when they come down with Covid. Sheesh.

  2. Hey, you can’t expect the 12 – yes, twelve – cops hanging around the Arch to actually do something. Their heads are too buried into their iPhones to notice. And besides, they are busy averting their eyes so as not see all the crack users smokers right there out in the open.


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