Globe Light Fixture on Fountain Plaza Flies Off in Wind + Photos of a Wintry Day

At Washington Square Park

Yesterday, Thursday, the wind was really strong but would you think one of the globe lights on the Fountain Plaza would just fly off its post? No…? Me neither. But one did. No one was hurt.

Missing globe

trees around fountain plaza

Third Rail Coffee

Relatively new that the skateboarders have now taken over the fountain. This is a big hmmm.

Skateboarders in Fountain
Lawn Closed
Not sure what’s going on here…
NYPD lights off NW
NYPD lights Washington Square Park SouthEast
NYPD lights on SW

The NYPD has positioned bright spotlights on the western end. One night recently lights were on at the southern quadrant, but left off at the northern one. That also brings up a big ‘hmmm’ and also is this the best way to address whatever issues may exist? Is it clear what the issues really are and is it really addressing them, whatever they may be?

Photos: Cathryn

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