Artistic Uprising: Call for “Revolutionary Love” at Washington Square Park Valentine’s Day February 14th

Updated Feb. 9, 5:40 p.m.
A call for “REVOLUTIONARY LOVE” will bring performances, speak-outs, rants and collective action to Washington Square Park Tuesday, February 14th beginning at 6 p.m. The event, featuring esteemed actors, activists, writers and poets, is part of the global One Billion Rising campaign, and is being organized by playwright/author/activist Eve Ensler and V-Day in response to the current political climate in which the rights of oh-too-many are at risk.

From the press release:

Valentine’s Day: Artists and Activists To Rally and Rise in an
To Make Valentine’s Day a Day for Revolutionary Love and Resistance

On Tuesday, February 14, women and men throughout the US and in 200 countries worldwide will come together and RISE to end violence against all women and girls (cis, transgender and gender non-conforming) as part of V-Day’s massive annual One Billion Rising campaign, including a just-announced rally – “Artistic Uprising – A Call for Revolutionary Love” – to take place in NYC’s Washington Square Park.

The rally will feature performances and speeches by esteemed, high profile artists and activists, including Staceyann Chin, Michael Cunningham, Lea DeLaria, Eve Ensler, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, Donna Auston, Amy León, R. Emery Bright, and more.

The event is being called in a response to the current racist, misogynist, xenophobic political climate where the rights of women, refugees, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQIAGNC people, African Americans, the indigenous, and the poor are at serious risk.

The rally will be a collective experience. Audience members will be invited on stage to rant as part of the Where We Meet artist collective, called the Ranting Box.

WHO: Ryan Amador, Donna Auston, BETTY, R. Emery Bright, Staceyann Chin, Kate Clinton, Julissa Contreras, Michael Cunningham, Lea DeLaria, Eve Ensler, Laura Flanders, Dan Folger, Alixa Garcia of Climbing PoeTree, Suzanne Gardiner, Valarie Kaur, James Lecesne, Amy León, Mickey Love, Ian Pai, Mack Royal, Ally Sheedy, Casey Spooner, Elizabeth Streb, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Imani Uzuri, and more to be announced


WHERE: Garibaldi Plaza Stage, East of the Park Fountain [NOTE REVISED LOCATION]

WHEN: 6:00-9:00PM

Facebook Page here:

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Note: I am working to help plan this 2017 event at WSP.

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On February 14th, 2013, I organized a dance flash mob at Washington Square Park as part of the first worldwide One Billion Rising (taking place in over 200 countries) with over 300 people participating at the park.

That experience may be one of the best things I’ve ever been involved in; everyone who danced, watched, took part in some way was moved by the experience.

Some photos at the park from 2013:

From CNN
From CNN


Come out Tuesday, February 14th for a powerful experience with performances, speeches, speak-outs via this Artistic Uprising.

Bring your revolutionary love to Washington Square Park!

Image 1: One Billion Rising
Photo 2: CNN
Photo 3: Angela Matus Sinkler
Photo 4 & 5: Jennifer Jager

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