Man Accused of Planning to Blow Up The Arch?

Lift inspecting the Arch in October

I’m a little behind on this tho’ sometimes it’s hard to know what’s truth. You may heard last week that the New York Police Department arrested a man who lives in the Village for conspiring to blow up the Arch. (!) I don’t think that would be an easy target – it would take some high powered explosives. It’s pretty sturdy, except, of course, when a chunk falls from it— which happened in October. These pictures – which I never ran – are from when they were inspecting it shortly afterwards.

From the January 9th New York Times, Man Planned Explosion in Washington Square Park:

A man who was arrested last month on a charge of possession of a chemical explosive in his Greenwich Village apartment recently told acquaintances that he was busy “making bombs” to “blow up” Washington Arch, a police official said Wednesday.

“Acquaintances” told police that the suspect was “sprinkling a white powder on the sidewalk inside Washington Square Park and then striking it with a rock, triggering an explosion, according to Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman. Investigators believe the powder was a chemical called hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, or HMTD.”


Inspection of the Arch

The Arch is one of my favorites things at the park. Please people don’t attempt to blow it up!

Photos (October 2012): Cathryn

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