Sunday, November 6th: Occupy Washington Square Forum — "Debt & Money: Demand the Impossible"

Occupy Washington Square announces a Public Forum in Washington Square Park this Sunday, November 6th at 4 p.m.:


The General Assembly of Washington Square Park ( is hosting a Public Forum this Sunday, November 6th at 4 p.m. on imagining new responses to debt.

  • Are other systems beyond money possible?
  • How can the Occupy movement address the issue of student debt?
  • What is the currency of community?

Following from the success of recent Forums featuring Judith Butler (2 weeks ago) and Angela Davis (last week), this weekend continues the tradition of presenting challenging and inspiring ideas and speakers in the public space each Sunday.

This Sunday’s Forum will consist of presentations by four speakers, followed by extensive Q&A. Speakers include:

DANIEL PINCHBECK is the co-editor of the new anthology, What Comes After Money?, co-founder of websites Reality Sandwich and, and author of the books 2012: The Return of Quezalcoatl and Breaking Open the Head, all of which encourage looking at an emerging new paradigm.

ANYA KAMENETZ is the author of Generation Debt, DIY U, and The Edupunks’ Guide, all about the intersection of education and economics, and self-organized solutions.

McKENZIE WARK is the author of The Hacker Manifesto and The Beach Beneath The Streets which focuses on the history of the Situationists International including the liberating promise of public space.

ANDREW ROSS is the author of many books including Celebration and Nice Work if You Can Get it: Life and Labor in Precarious Times. He is interested in the new Student Debt Moratorium Proposal.

4pm this Sunday, in Washington Square Park NYC, near the archway. All welcome.

See original at Occupy Washington Square web site.

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