Neighborhood Red-Tailed Hawk Bobby and His Favorite Haunts around Washington Square

This map tracks Red-tailed hawk Bobby’s (of Bobby and Violet and now newest addition, Pip) favorite spots to perch around Washington Square and was put together by the Urban Hawks Blog.

They are:

1) Nest location on Bobst Library
2) Cross on Judson Memorial Church
3) Favorite Flag Pole
4) Failed 2010 One Fifth Avenue Nest
5) Various other perches

One recent afternoon, I searched for our new neighborhood addition thinking I might catch sight of him atop one of these pictured spots. Judson Church, “favorite” Flag Pole and the NYU Bobst Library are all visible from the center of the park (where the fountain used to be) on the Fountain Plaza.

Then I just looked straight up and there he was (I’m assuming it was Bobby but it could have been Violet), high up in the sky flying so free and beautifully. I am not a species-ist; I like all forms of animals and wildlife and believe we should respect their right to co-exist on this earth with us. However, I can see why some city people focus in on the hawks and are enchanted and perhaps become a bit obsessed with them. Just the size of a postage stamp in the sky, this red-tailed hawk appeared peaceful and majestic.

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6 thoughts on “Neighborhood Red-Tailed Hawk Bobby and His Favorite Haunts around Washington Square”

  1. Has the rodent baiting stations been removed from Bobby and Violet’s hunting grounds yet? Now that they have a little one called “Pip” this makes it imperative. Lincoln is now trying to get them out of Central Park. They are now in Palemale and Lima’s hunting grounds.
    I do not understand why this needs to be done. Please advise on the status of those rodent baiting stations. Thank you

  2. Hi. As far as I can see — I don’t work for the Parks Department — the bait stations have been removed from Washington Square Park. That does not seem to be the case at all NYU buildings surrounding the park, but, at least at the park, they are gone. I hope that the Parks Dept will follow suit at the other parks, particularly Central Park, as you mentioned, where many forms of wildlife live.

    Thanks for writing and checking on this.


    WSP Blog.

  3. Cathryn: Thank you so much for the update. That makes my day. Have you checked out Lincoln’s website? He has a video or either Palemale or Lima with one of the chicks. It is priceless. Is there anything you can do to help our cause with the rodent bait traps in Central Park. I will give you all the information I have. We need to contact Douglas Blonsky at Central Park Conservancy, 14 E. 60th Street, New York, N.Y. 10022 Phone Number 212-310-6600 or e-mail
    Please have everyone you know look on my facebook page and then repost what I wrote about this cause to their own page. We need to get the word out and quick. Thank you so much.

  4. Hi Jane,

    It is good news, yes.

    I have seen Lincoln’s site and I just looked and saw the photo you mentioned. Priceless is right. (I only learned recently that Lola was gone from one of the hawk blogs!)

    I will post something about Central Park this coming week.

    Thanks for staying on this!


  5. Hi Cathryn:
    Thank you so much. I would really appreciate that. We need to get the word out to as many people as we can.
    Best Wishes,


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