Pt 2- New Washington Square Park Fountain Under Repair

The Fountain Plaza
Cracks in the Fountain

I received a response yesterday afternoon from the New York City Parks Department about the work currently being done on the Washington Square Fountain.

According to the Parks Department’s Phil Abramson, “The contractor is performing punch-list work that is covered under their guarantee. At the fountain, this work includes replacing a number of failed bluestone and sandstone composite patches, tinting discolored sandstone patches, selective mortar joint replacement and the removal and resetting of one of the bluestone coping units.”

This seems to be another way to say there was faulty construction. You wouldn’t expect your house to start falling apart two years after it was built, would you? What role did the Parks Department play in supervision of the initial construction? The previous fountain was hanging in there for close to 4o years.

The Parks Department says the work has been approved by the Public Design Commission and will be completed by Memorial Day.

For more context on the new fountain — which was moved 22 feet east to align with the Arch at Fifth Avenue during Phase 1 Construction and was opened to the public in 2009 — and its history, see Monday’s WSP Blog post, Is the Washington Square Park Fountain Falling Apart? Fountain Now Under Wraps

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