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Dear Blog Readers:

I’m writing you a personal note to ask for your support! Whether you read my blog regularly, stop by from time to time, or totally disagree with some of my views but appreciate the updates and hard work (!!) that have gone into this blog, I thank you! — this note is for you – and you – and you!

It’s hard to imagine that it’s close to two years since I started the Washington Square Park Blog (February 26, 2008) but it is. I’d never written a blog before but jumped into creating it because the issue of New York City’s actions as they affect our parks and public spaces is so important.

As I was figuring out various things in my own life, this blog connected me to other bloggers (I met many of the amazing Brooklyn bloggers in person and the Manhattan & other borough bloggers have been great support virtually). Those connections have been very important to me and this blog.

Washington Square Park Blog has given me the opportunity to delve into this burgeoning concept of citizen journalism and expose the intense – and sometimes joyous – details of what is happening in our City. Today, the idea of hyper-local blogs focusing on specific neighborhoods or places like Washington Square Park as a window onto the larger world has gained more traction.

While I’ve been writing my blog, I also have been writing a book.

Connecting the Dots

At times, finding the connections between disparate news items — such as the City’s attempt to put a privately owned restaurant in Union Square Park, or the construction of the new Yankee Stadium (which involved confiscation of 22 acres of public park land that still has not been fully replaced), privatization of our parks, or the question last year of Mayoral and City Council term limits! — and writing about these topics on this blog has been so compelling that I couldn’t turn away and not write about it, sometimes at the expense of working on the book!

And, of course, all the material directly related to Washington Square — the Community Board, Task Force & Landmarks Preservation Commission meetings, outlining the Phases of the redesign of the Park, letters to – and from – the NYC Parks Commissioner, write-ups in the mediaNY Times, NY Daily News, NY1, Time Out NY, NYmag.com, MSN.com, Curbed (Curbed has kept me going at times and always made me laugh!), and numerous other blogs, the re-opening of the park upon Phase I completion, highlighting events at the park, the history of the park, to, more recently, breaking the news of the discovery of the tombstone from 1799 during recent construction! – it has often been difficult to turn the stove down to simmer.

I realize that when we read blogs – I read many of them! – we consider the content “free.” As it SHOULD be! There’s something really nice about the fact that it is.

But, as you probably know, A LOT OF WORK goes into researching and writing this blog. So, I’m asking you, now, to help support your local blogger! For a number of personal reasons, this would be a very good time to do so! And there’s good reason to: You can help me publish my book.

My Book

My book is not about New York City per se but many of the stories relate to places and experiences in the City and it is greatly influenced by my being here. It’s a guide to environmentally conscious and animal friendly living told via my experiences as a rock publicist, activist and blogger in NYC and will also include facts and things you can do. It’ll be illustrated. It’ll be unique and unlike anything you’ve seen before! It’s an idea I’ve had for awhile but I’m out of funds and need moral and financial support to complete it.

While you are aware of my blogging life, you may not know that I was a music publicist for over 10 years working with prominent rock artists – Patti Smith, Sarah McLachlan, Aretha Franklin, AC/DC, more; I  created an aromatherapy fragrance line and also have been a grassroots activist and advocate working on issues here in NYC. I put my PR and writing skills to use writing press releases, moderating press conferences, strategizing, organizing events, and setting up this blog, among other things, on issues related to defending the environment, animals, wildlife and public space over the last 10 years.

How You Can Support Your Local Blogger/Kickstarter

I am working with a great site and concept called Kickstarter to raise funds. My goal is $6500 (tho’ more than that would give me more time and leeway) to finish writing and editing and then proceed on to design and publishing.

You can pledge anywhere from $1 on up – any and all amounts are appreciated! – and there are “rewards” at each level of donation. So, on top of knowing you helped me out, you also will get something in return! I hope you will check out my book site. I will be adding on a video shortly and will let you know when that appears but do check it out now!

I know it’s a tough time and climate for many of us so any help and support you can give is GREATLY appreciated.

Please check out my Kickstarter page here.

Thank you!



Photo #1 (WSP): Ed Yourdon

Photo #2 (daisy): Bernie Kasper

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