Chelsea’s Ed Hamilton ‘Schoolyard’ Book Reading at Jefferson Market Library Jan. 18th | New Novel

Chelsea’s Ed Hamilton ‘Schoolyard’ Book Reading at Jefferson Market Library Jan. 18th | New Novel

A neighborhood book reading with a nearby neighbor. Author and blogger Ed Hamilton will read from his new book, Lords of the Schoolyard, on Thursday, January 18 at 6:30 p.m. at the nearby Jefferson Market Library.

Two years ago, Hamilton, known for his chronicling at Hotel Chelsea Blog, released his second book The Chintz Age and WSP Blog wrote at the time:

Ed Hamilton chronicled – from the inside – the struggles between existing long-time residents and management at the Living with Legends: Hotel Chelsea Blog, started in 2005. He has also written about neighborhood gentrification, including this great piece about “The High Line Giveaway.” The blog is sporadically updated currently but Hamilton says “that can change at any time.”

That doesn’t mean the long-time Chelsea Hotel resident has been idle. In 2007, Hamilton released the well-received book, Legends of the Chelsea Hotel: Living with Artists and Outlaws in New York’s Rebel Mecca.

Recently, the author and blogger turned his focus to The Chintz Age, the title of his new book, where “Everything is cheaper and chintzier than in the past, from consumer products to culture itself.”

From Jefferson Market Library about the reading:

Author Ed Hamilton (Legends of the Chelsea Hotel and The Chintz Age) will read from his debut novel, Lords of the Schoolyard.  Stark, brutal, at times darkly humorous, and written in a powerfully pared-down style, Hamilton’s story is told from the point of view of the class bullies. The effect is exquisitely uncomfortable, even shocking, and captures with unforgettable force the anomie and amoralism of the adolescent mind, as well as the fundamental, sorrowful human innocence that lies beneath it. This harrowing immersion into the inner reality of a little boy who chooses victimization over victimhood casts an all-too-timely light on contemporary society in 2017.

Location: 425 Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan, first floor Willa Cather Community Room at the Jefferson Market Library.  All events are free and open to the public.


A recent interview  at The Brooklyn Rail with Ed Hamilton.

Expert Doctor on Children's Health Raises Alarm on Synthetic Turf

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Dr. Philip Landrigan is a respected pediatrician and expert on children’s health at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in NYC. He has written a letter (7/21/08) urging a moratorium and raising alarming concerns on artificial turf to the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

No word on whether this same letter has been sent to the NYC Department of Health or NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe (who seems to have a difficult time reversing course no matter how stunning the evidence). NYC, under Commissioner Benepe’s direction, has installed 94 artificial turf fields thus far in parks and ball fields. Despite concerns, plans move forward to install 68 additional turf fields across New York City.

Dr. Landrigan writes:

Synthetic turf fields have proliferated in recent years, and there are now more than several hundred of these installations in Connecticut and in other states up and down the East Coast. Almost no assessment of the potential hazards to children’s health of synthetic turf fields was undertaken before these fields were constructed. The stated need for their installation was a desire to improve the quality and enhance the drainage of playing fields coupled with a strong impetus to get more kids out and exercising as a way to combat the obesity epidemic.

These are laudable goals. The problem is that they were pursued without any consideration of alternatives or analysis of potential negative consequences. There was insufficient due diligence. The result now is that we are in a situation in which a number of these very expensive fields have been installed, and we are suddenly and belatedly beginning to realize that they may lead to health problems.

His recommendation is as follows:

1. A moratorium on installation of new synthetic turf fields until a careful, competent, independent study of their potential hazards has been conducted and reported to the public;

2. Immediate study of the suspected chemical hazards of synthetic turf fields.


Dr. Landrigan’s Full Letter Outlining His Concerns Follows:

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