Fountain Always

Fountain Always

A favorite through the ages. The Washington Square Park fountain.

An Abbreviated History of the Famous Structure

In 1852, the first park fountain was built, placed in the exact center of the park on its east-west axis.

That fountain was replaced in 1871 in the same locale with a “hand me down” relocated from one of the entrances to Central Park.

In 1934, the fountain was repaired with some modifications including adding steps leading down to its basin. This is the reason we can sit along and frolic inside today.

In 2009, as part of its redesign plan for the Greenwich Village public space, the Bloomberg Administration dismantled and allegedly rebuilt the structure with the original stones. The City insisted on moving and relocating the famous fountain 22 feet east to “align” with the Arch at Fifth Avenue against community wishes.

The fountain had been in its previous location at the ‘center’ of Washington Square Park for 157 odd years.

SFrink Photography