Bobby, Washington Square’s Resident Red-Tailed Hawk, Is Missing | 3 Hawk Babies in the Nest With Mom

Bobby, Washington Square’s Resident Red-Tailed Hawk, Is Missing | 3 Hawk Babies in the Nest With Mom

Reports from local blogs chronicling New York City hawks are that Bobby, Washington Square Park’s long-time resident red-tailed hawk, has gone missing since about May 5th or 6th. It is presumed and feared that he has died.

Hawk couple Bobby and Violet became internet sensations in 2011 via The New York Times and its web cam when they built their nest outside then-NYU President John Sexton’s office on the 12th floor of the Bobst Library building overlooking the park. Violet sadly died later that year (see link below). After that, Bobby had two mates, Rosie, and then Aurora (also known as Sadie).

The hawk cam chronicling the nest outside Bobst has resumed again this year (now under NYU’s imprimatur – and branding). There are three (!!) baby hawks in the nest under the care of Mama Hawk solo.

Rosie and the Arch

Where do Urban Hawks go to Die?

It is believed that Bobby is dead, perhaps from secondary rodenticide posioning, but no hawk body has been spotted. (Rosie’s body was never found either.)

Washington Square Park/the New York City Parks Department agreed to remove rodenticide in the park shortly after the hawks arrived, however, NYU and other buildings continue to use these deadly poisons.

It is believed that the female hawk can handle the job alone, although … three little pips!

Young Hawk in Heat Amidst Park Construction

You can watch the hawk cam here.

We hope Bobby returns. Thank you, Bobby, for being such a colorful, strong presence.

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Bobby and Violet, first year

Photo #1 Bobby in the nest: Christopher James/NYU
Photo #2: Jeremy Seto
Photo #3: Cathryn
Photo #4: Christopher James/NYU