Long-time Village Store Closings: Economy Foam & Futons, Monk Thrift Shop

West 8th Street and MacDougal Street now look a bit bleaker… Economy Foam & Futons, in business since 1937, closed May 1st departing West 8th Street for Chelsea, “bought out by a company called Greentex,” according to the business. Economy Foam had been on 8th Street for 15 years.

And around the corner on MacDougal, Monk Thrift Shop, visible from the northwestern end of Washington Square Park, closed earlier this year. Located in Greenwich Village for 27 years, Monk is now Brooklyn-based, in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. I always wanted to write more about Monk … but it seemed like it would hang on. (I featured Monk briefly in a Neighborhood Spotlight in 2011.)

Economy Foam departs W. 8th…
Monk Thrift no more…
After 27 years…

A little more character and old school has departed the Village… for other nabes.

As it was…

Interesting article on Monk closing and MacDougal Street: The MacDougal Street Blues.

New locations:

Economy Foam and futon, 236 West 26th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues, Manhattan
Monk Thrift Shop, 496 Driggs Avenue and 37 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn

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Photos: Cathryn

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