The Force Returns En Masse to Washington Square October 15th With Controversial Light Saber Battle

The Force Returns En Masse to Washington Square October 15th With Controversial Light Saber Battle
Light Sabers Amidst the Arch Washington Square Park
Light Sabers Amidst the Arch

Return of the Light Sabers to WSP:

Are you a Star Wars nerd? Does a lightsaber get you more excited then seeing your pizza delivery guy? Are you a kid on the inside? Do you need a way to release some stress?If you answered yes to any of these questions, I got three words for you: Glow. Sword. Battle.

Yes, you read that right. It’s all going down October 15th at 8 p.m., in Washington Square Park.

Officially called the Glow Battle Tour, the event is being put on by Newmindspace.

Via Spoiled NYC: There’s an Epic Lightsaber Battle Going Down in Washington Square Park Next Weekend!

I don’t think the events were previously referenced as “Glow Battle” (probably changed due to possible trademark issues with Star Wars?).

WSP Blog has delved into Pillow Fight Day and the Light Saber Battles here before. Both events have occurred at Washington Square for a number of years now, each once a year. They are mired in a bit of controversy, produced by a for-profit company that never procures a permit from the Parks Department to use the space:

I am not someone who thinks everything should be permitted by any means. These are our parks. But… this is a company that is making money on these events. Obviously, the NYPD monitors and stays on top of events coming through the park and, as the Parks Department replied, they had a “presence” there. But the permit also asks for the company to have insurance, clean up, secures an available date, and other things. Should a for-profit company be allowed to produce these “massive” events and take over the park(s)?

Reasons why a community group or activist event might not secure a permit relate to sort of utilizing “the commons,” but a company selling light sabers in an advance for an event… ? That seems like it crosses a line. And, at least, they could move Pillow Fight Day back to Union Square where it seems better suited.

So, basically, mixed feelings on these events while happy to have The Force brought to Washington Square.

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Photo: Bill Shatto