glass pigeon streetlight washington square park greenwich village

Glass Pigeon Strolls Near the Arch as the Artsy Birds Pop up on Street Lights Across NYC

glass pigeon streetlight washington square park greenwich village

A Brooklyn artist has *tagged* the street light near the Arch with a colorful glass pigeon, one of more than 60 of the birds showing up in mid-stroll at the bottom of the ever-present poles across the city.

Created by the artist GB, the project is a combination of old-school*, newly inventive and DIY; the glass pigeons act as themed mini-art installations popping up in multiple locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn (as of now).

The pigeon above was placed at Washington Square North and Fifth Avenue in view of the Arch.

The artsy birds also lead our eyes to focus somewhere they rarely do: at the bottom of the street lights!

The creator of the flock answered a few questions from WSP Blog about the project as word spreads about it:

On how it began:I started making pigeons when I was creating NYC-themed pieces to sell in gift shops around the city. I really enjoyed making them, and the way the shape allowed for me to use different colors and shapes within the design. It eventually evolved into creating just the pigeon walking along the bottom of streetlights throughout the city.”

How many can we expect: GB explained that the original goal was to place 200 of the glass pigeons – they are all different variations of colors and are actually glued onto the street lights – throughout the city by September 21st but that became a bit daunting. The “new, more practical goal” is 100 by that date, continuing on until reaching 200.

As of yesterday, GB said, “Pigeon 60 is the last one posted. It’s in Nolita on Kenmare St @ Elizabeth St, and more will be going up this week.”

Glass pigeon moved on up to the (Upper) East Side!

In a curious incident, one of the pigeons was placed on a street light on the Lower East Side and has since been relocated (yes, including the street light itself) to the Upper East Side!

GB explained, “Someone posted one of a pigeon (#20) I put up in Lower East Side, but they said it was seen on Upper East Side. After some back and forth conversation, we realized that the entire streetlight was moved from 1st Ave @ E Houston to 72 & 2nd Ave…complete with all the tags still on it lol.”

Does anyone ever *catch* the artist in the act?

“People see me putting them up all the time, but no one has ever stopped to ask me about it or wonder what I’m up to. In typical NY fashion, most people just keep rushing by, with an occasional glance on their way if I happen to be taking a picture. Another reason to love NY!

Check out the most recently placed pigeons on Instagram.

Image via gb_pigeon_nyc Instagram

* * *

*WSPB note: A nod to the past — many may recall that in the East Village beginning in the 1980s and continuing on, Jim Powers has been known for his elaborate mosaics at the bottom of the street lights… some (many?) are still there!

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