Save the Pandas! World Premiere of Nat Geo WILD Series “Mission Critical” at Washington Square Park August 24th Under the Arch

Save the Pandas! World Premiere of Nat Geo WILD Series “Mission Critical” at Washington Square Park August 24th Under the Arch
Save the Pandas Nat Geo Wild Mission Critical Washington Square Park Premiere
Save the Pandas! Rhinos too! Learn why & how at WSP 8/24

Films under the Arch are the best! And learning about conservation – Save the pandas! Save the rhinos! – is a close second. Experience both on Wednesday, August 24th when Nat Geo WILD series “Mission Critical” gets its world premiere at Washington Square Park. The quest to save pandas and rhinos (!) “before it’s too late” will be documented via this series which will have its television debut on Sunday, August 28th.

The screening at Washington Square Park begins at 7:45 p.m. and it’s free! Bring a blanket or chair (or sit on a park bench)!


Join NYC Parks, Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF), the Natural Areas Conservancy (NAC), and Nat Geo WILD for the world premiere screening of Mission Critical, a new monthly series devoted to moving our global audience to help preserve the rarest animals and wildest places on earth before it’s too late.

This must-see screening includes a first look at the first two Mission Critical specials, Panda Babies and Operation Sumatran Rhino, before the monthly series kicks off on Sunday, August 28 at 8/7c on Nat Geo WILD. Witness these awe-inspiring stories that feature extraordinary encounters and spectacular cinematography from the greatest filmmakers in the world.

Some more information via Broadway World:

About Panda Babies: Mission Critical – In China, one of the planets best-loved and magical creatures is fighting to survive. With fewer than two thousand GIANT PANDAS left in the wild, the race is on to build their numbers up. Deep in the Sichuan Mountains, three of the leading panda centers in the world are doing just that, and we’re uncovering the secrets to their success. Journey behind the scenes to three panda maternity wards to see what it takes to save the world’s cutest animal icon. We’ll be visiting a nursery at Bifengxia, to follow the first stages of baby panda life before heading off to Dujiangyan, where toddlers make friends and build relationships. From there it’s on to Wolong, where some pandas are getting ready for life in the wild. Prepare to see pandas as you’ve never seen them before.

About Operation Sumatran Rhino: Mission CriticalIn Borneo, Sumatran rhinos’ numbers are down to just single digits. Conservationists are on a desperate mission to save the country’s last individuals. The only way to ensure the safety and survival of these last rhinos is to capture all remaining in the wild – a dangerous and costly operation. Follow Malaysia’s foremost rhino scientists in their incredible quest to save this critically endangered species.

(When did National Geographic become Nat Geo? Is this the new hip moniker?)

Seems like there is much more planned at the park than ever before.. Is this a good thing? Thoughts?

Nonetheless, films under the Arch – always worth checking out! As well as learning about conservation efforts in desperate times – kudos to those undertaking this important work and Nat Geo WILD for featuring it.

Nat Geo Wild Mission Critical Home Page

Photo: via Spirit Animal Totems Website (learn about the Panda as Spirit Animal)