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Become a Washington Square Park Blog Community Supporter Today

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Hey WSP Blog readers! If you have been looking for a way to acknowledge the reporting, blogging, advocacy, community news, and park information all uniquely featured via Washington Square Park Blog, become a Community Supporter today! Everything on this site is free ! – and will continue to be.

For the last 8 1/2 years, Washington Square Park Blog has broken stories and provided reliable updates on all aspects in & around Washington Square Park.

Highlights include: the moving and banning (and later reinstatement due to community pressure) of the “hot dog” food cart vendors, status of the perpetually dying trees around the fountain, the latest on the right to perform music at the park, status updates on the parks redesign, investigative journalism related to Washington Square Park Conservancy and the shenanigans that have gone down around that private organization (more to come on this still), report backs from Community Board 2 & other meetings, outlining issues related to privatization of public space, highlighting of unique happenings in Greenwich Village, features on the history of WSP and events taking place in the park, photographs, whats happening at other parks & other places & more.

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H/t to Ditmas Park Corner with their Community Partner idea!