Weirdly Wondrous Washington Square Park Summer 2016 – Part II, in Photos

Eastern Entrance, Washington Square Park

Inexplicably, the “french” barricades which guard this entrance overnight have the Central Park Conservancy sign on them. No word on what happened to the controversial proposed installation of “chains.” These once-uptown barricades have been at the park for awhile; it is not a sign of something ominous (at least I don’t think so…).

Pianist Colin Huggins + crowd
Pianist Colin Huggins + crowd
Pigeon sunbathes in an alcove
Pigeon sunbathes park alcove
Violinist and interpretative dance, SE Quadrant
Violinist and interpretative dance

SE Quadrant

Sparrow sightings:

Sparrow bathes in Pentanque court
Sparrow bathes Pentanque court

At least someone is using it. The petanque court is notably (and also inexplicably) sloped.

Reading Catch-22 and another sparrow:

Baby Sparrow Garibaldi Plaza (Mom Nearby)
Baby Sparrow Garibaldi Plaza

(Mom Nearby)

Mulch at Garibaldi
Mulch at Garibaldi

Was a tree chopped down recently?

Against all odds, this tree survived the redesign and was left in place
This tree survived the redesign

Against all odds, this tree was left in place at the Northeast Quadrant despite the lack of “symmetry.” There used to be picnic tables nearby too. Those did not survive.

Angel from Melt (Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches)
Angel from Melt

NE also
A day where Balloon Guy seems to rule the fountain plaza

Finished Sidewalk Washington Sq North
Finished Sidewalk

Washington Sq North

Squirrel on the Hangmans Elm
Squirrel on the Hangman’s Elm

Part I can be viewed here.

Photos: Cathryn

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