Local Author, Washington Square Psychic Mainstay Relieved “Ban from The Strand Over”


kyler-james-red-truck-washington-square-parkCan an author be too enthusiastic about his book?

For Kyler James, known to Washington Square park-goers as resident psychic and tarot reader, apparently yes.

James’s book, The Secret of the Red Truck was released in Fall 2014 and this year began gracing the shelves at the famous Strand bookstore on Broadway.

James, who lives nearby, went in to check on the book sales and talk to the staff. He said of the encounters: “I thought I was just being friendly, but a manager complained that I was bothering them. I couldn’t believe this was happening.” His appearances apparently crossed some unknown line. James was told earlier this year “not to come again till August.” But it was not until this month, six months later, that he is officially “allowed” back in.

(Is this a thing? Telling authors to stay out of a bookstore?)

strand-logo-books-loved-pantone-large-printThe Strand has been around since 1927 and luminaries have worked there, such as musician & author Patti Smith before becoming well known as a singer. Smith told New York Magazine of the environment: “It wasn’t very friendly.”

James says the book has been selling well at the downtown shop. He noted, “Several people told me they heard similar things, and that people being banned from the store was a normal occurrence. So it’s all blown over by now probably.”

He added, “Be sure to say the ban is over and they’ve still got 2 books!”